Where's My Audience On Social Media?

WHERE’S MY AUDIENCE? Aka Fantastic Audiences + Where To Find Them

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn…..AGHHHHH!!!!! Just the words make us want to scream in a padded room.

Even more terrifying is trying to figure out where our wonderful audience is and how to bring them the best content so that they’ll become not only a customer, but a raving fan.

I haven’t found a magic formula for this, but as someone who has built their facebook group to 1,000 members, twitter to 12,000 and instagram to 4,500 - I’d love to share a little bit of my wisdom to help you get to the next step of growth with your audience.

1. First, you need to nail down your ideal client.

You’ve probably already spent time doing this, but let’s do it again. Who is your ideal client? I’m talking specific age, location, job, current stresses and ultimate desire.

If you’ve been in business over a year, you can be even more specific here by talking about one of your actual clients. I’m going to talk about Liz.

Liz is in her 20s and a full time RV’er who lives on the road! She has an adorable daughter and wants to run an RV entertainment network on youtube. She’s got the energy and the passion, but struggles with the tech and knowing what strategies to implement to enhance her brand’s visibility.

Get as specific as you can so that you can implement the next point: time.

2. Where online do they spend their time?

This is a hard one so I’ll work to give you as much clarity as I can. Figure out the social media platform that your ideal client absolutely loves. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • Instagram: Fashion, celebrities, brick + mortar business, world travellers, photographers, website designers, online entrepreneurs, fitness gurus.

  • Twitter: Authors and entertainers. Online businesses are very interactive on Twitter for the most part. This is where I have my biggest following.

  • Facebook: Online entrepreneurs, especially facebook groups. Network marketers.

  • Pinterest: Stay at home parents, aspiring chefs, arts + crafts lovers, teenagers looking for outfit ideas, recently engaged couples dreaming about their wedding, aspiring bloggers, college students.

  • YouTube: Most people go here for entertainment. So RV’ers, aspiring campers, how-to videos, celebrity entertainment, fitness, life-long students, news + politics.

  • LinkedIn: Business owners, teachers, employees.

3. Automate + Engage!

I’m a big believer in automation {which I’m sure you know by now} because I’m a one-woman-machine at the moment. So anything that can add value to my audience while saving me time I’m a huge advocate of!

So, spend some time crafting some tailor-made content for them that can feed them weekly, even daily. Then, as you’ve scheduled that in advance, you can go into that platform daily to engage with those followers!

Here are my recommendations to help you with automation:


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