Color Theory - The WHY Behind Your Brand Colors

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When we look at the colors we want in our logo, on our website, or on social media, we usually go for the colors we personally like. But, have we really looked at how individual people (aka our audience) perceive and experience color?

I remember my first website.

It was the fall of 2015 and I'd just left the television world to create an online course teaching what I'd learned - coming back to like after struggling with multiple organ failure. I was so excited to share my knowledge; I assumed the online world would immediately reflect my passion and the chips would all easily fall into place.

  • So, I built my site using the pictures my photographer husband had taken of me over the years.
  • I bought a course to show me what to put on every page - just like filling in the formula. That other person had made TONS of money selling their course, so it should work for me, right?
  • Let's throw some teal in there too as my brand color - because that's my favorite!

(This is the beautiful part where you, my darling, get to learn from my mistakes. Can you spot them?)


MISTAKE 1: Having No Clear Direction

This is when fly by the seat of your pants {like most of us creatives} just doesn't cut it. You might look all beautiful, sails in the air, but when you look under the boat, and see that it's missing a rudder, that boat will never make it to a destination and you'll never survive the storm. Clarity is key. You have to define your audience, your mission statement, and your offers.


MISTAKE 2: Using Random Photos

Yes, they were pretty, but what did they tell people, coming to my site, about me? Absolutely nothing. Your photos need to tell a story - not about your life, but about how you serve. The use of color, clothing, and even background are VITAL here.


MISTAKE 3: Filling In My Site By Someone Else's Instructions

There's nothing wrong with a formula...until it looks like a formula. And even though there are some amazing courses out there, on how to word your website, I think it is a mistake to do that before you've really dived into who you are in your business. There are millions of sites out there and the average user clicks to another page within 10-20 seconds. So, you have to be clear, my dear. Completely.


MISTAKE 4: Choosing Teal Just Because I Liked It

Guess what? No one cares about your favorite color. And having your favorite color on your website will not make it more "you". In fact, it will confuse your viewer if it doesn't mesh with your message. We have a few seconds on Facebook, Twitter, or out site to resonate with out tribe. And for that to happen, we have to have a gorgeous welcome sign that they can immediately understand.

When the above mistakes were made {without my knowledge, at the time}, and I started promoting...I got no response and no purchases. I spent more and more hours behind the computer in my business to less and less response, until the idea of promoting myself in Facebook groups made me break out in a hot sweat. I had to take a step back.


I knew I was missing something.

So I went to my favorite coffee shop and let myself explore my thoughts {your best realizations and inspirations will come from this practice, doll.}


"What do I know?"

Well, I know tv and film. I grew up following my dad around the world on huge movies and worked in television for ten years. And, what do all movies and tv shows have in common? They NEED an audience to survive. So, everything has to cater to their "ideal client". I started remembering studies I had done in how audiences perceive color. Interesting.

I also know healing. I have a Doctorate in holistic healing and have studied how light affects the different hormone producing glands in our bodies. How, for example, the pancreas responds to orange light, which is our balance center.

I sat back. This could completely change the way I look at color, This could completely change how EVERYONE looks at color!

By this time, my mission had changed. I enjoyed helping launching female entrepreneurs with their online visibility.

So, I got out a sheet of paper.


What did I want my clients to feel?

First, they needed to feel motivated. To have the energy to get off the couch and want to try, and most times, try again. {Motivation comes from the mammary glands, which is in the blue light spectrum. Audiences interpret blue as the detached color, and specifically LINK steel blue to intellect. I knew with the social media connotations of blue, this color would work great for me.}

Then they needed focus. The ability to drown out the noise and really laser in on their needs. {Focus comes from the pineal gland, which is in the yellow light spectrum. Audiences interpret yellow as the contrary color - both being the life force of the sun and the color of caution signs. I knew I could use a cooler tone and have yellow be a powerful secondary color.}

Lastly, they needed a boost in creativity. So that their desires could actually come onto our reality. {Creativity comes from the ovary/testes glands, which is in the red light spectrum. Audiences interpret red as the caffeinated color, giving power to either the good or bad guy. I knew a deep cool red could give just the right amount of push as a secondary color.}


I decided to test it. I had my hubby take some photos of me in a blue dress. I wore a red lipstick. I had a bowl of lemons next to my blue laptop.

I started testing the images in groups. I can't emphasize this enough: my credibility was unquestioned and INSTANT. I went to an entrepreneur event and introduced myself to the speaker, who said "blue dress - I recognize you." She immediately said yes to coming on my podcast.


I knew I was onto something.

I also could easily tell an ideal client or joint venture partner what I did with even more ease and clarity because I had the power and the reasoning of my brand colors.

Clarity is the key to everything. To finish an outline, to getting groceries, to your closet, to your relationships, to your LIFE.

Why should our business be any different?

By sitting down with yourself, your mission, your purpose, and your goals, you will be able to laser in on exactly WHO you want to attract.

And, the beauty is that we are all human beings. We all absorb light the same way and we all sit in a movie theater the same. So, having this arsenal of color theory turns your business into a beacon {without you having to be a foghorn}. It will keep shining those lights - day and night, subconsciously attracting your ideal clients because you've made it crystal clear who you serve.

Am I going to attract people who need relationship coaching? Nope. Because I don't use the color purple.


I hope I've sparked some curious thoughts of how color can truly impact your business. Start watching the colors in film, start looking at the colors people wear.

And, let me know below what Brand colors you use and why!

Ready to decide on your BRAND COLORS?

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