convertkit tutorial

I remember stepping out {virtually} into the online business world for the first time.

Searching for how to start a blog, how to start a website, how to start...well, anything.


We can look back now + go, "hey, that part was soooo easy"...but at the time? It's terrifying + terribly complicated.

When I finally got around to understanding what a list was, I, like many of us, started with MailChimp. Free, therefore, affordable, right? But as I got further down the line into automating sequences + trying to keep everything organized, I started losing my mind. Then the dreaded *your emails aren't going into people's inboxes + your open rate is less than 10%* happened.


I was putting in all of this work + people weren't even getting the CHOICE to open it! There had to be a better way.


I heard Nathan Barry {it's inventor} on a webinar + jumped at the chance to try it out for free. He said it was the power machine for bloggers who wanted the most flexibility, but didn't want the price tag of InfusionSoft. 

Pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted. But was it going to be as perfect as it sounded?

A few hours later + I knew, absolutely, that I'd found my new virtual best friend.


Want me to prove it? Happily!

This is the top dashboard of ConvertKit.

  • You'll see BROADCASTS as the most familiar term, which is another word for Newsletter. This is where you can draft up your weekly love notes to your tribe with ease. You can even segment who gets it + exclude people who you don't want to pitch to again, or who are already in the middle of another sequence. More on that later.
  • SEQUENCES is all about pre-customizing a 'sequence' of emails so it can run on the gorgeous, time-saving autopilot. I know, all of our dreams are already coming true. 
  • But let's talk serious now about saving ourselves from hours of integrations with a Lead Page software. Enter the FORMS tab in the above photo. In FORMS, you can customize your own OPT IN FORM or LANDING PAGE!!! That's right, folks. An easy-peasy integration.

But wait, how do I make sure whoever opts into the form gets automatically subscribed to the sequence? You smarty pants, you. 

  • That's where the AUTOMATION tab comes in. You set up 'rules' like, whenever someone opts into this form, they get subscribed to this sequence. *shudder of delight* And, say, someone wants to opt out of a sequence? Easy. Just have them click a link with an unsubscribe automation behind it! I can even customize that if someone buys my course on Teachable, they'll automatically get opted into that course's email sequence.

AMAZING. Utterly...amazing.


I am SO glad I made the switch + my business has been all the better for it!

I even automate my PODCAST Guest emails ----- yay for efficient communication!!

OK, dolls, what do you think? 

Eager to jump on the ConvertKit train? Let me know what you think below. xoxo.


*This is an affiliate link so I may receive a small commission if you decide to stay with ConvertKit after your first free 30 days!