Deciding On Your Website With Your Future Trademark In Mind

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Domain names may appear to be a very obvious step one in setting up your online business. But I've found that some serious mistakes can occur.

Most commonly? Just grabbing a domain because it's available!

Just because you can nab a website doesn't mean you won't have headaches down the road. I'm going to show you some simple processes to deciding on your domain name...and choosing it with your businesses future in mind.

STEP 1: List Your Possibilities

Your domain is either going to include your name if you offer services and want to be known as “you” {aka Marie Forleo}, or the business name that you decide {like Digital Marketer}.

It’s always a good idea to brainstorm on both sides of the spectrum when first deciding on a domain name.

For me, since there are a million Michelle Lewis’ {and that domain’s owner would sell it to me only if I gave him $5,000}, I knew I needed to go a different way.

I mulled over TONS of ideas, + finally decided on Ladypreneur Legacy. I nabbed the domain + built my entire brand around it for months until I was ready to trademark.

Then, I discovered the term “ladypreneur” had already been trademarked!

Ordinarily, this would have been a nightmare scenario. But when the attorney asked, “do you have any other options?”, I remembered the other 4 domains I'd reserved ‘just in case’. And that's how Visibility Vixen was born!

I'm so grateful for being raised with a ‘just in case’ mindset because it's truly saved my butt more times than one. And I want to help you save yours too.

So, write out your domain options before proceeding to the next step. And don't get your heart set on anything right now.

STEP TWO: Do A Trademark Search

The last thing you want to encounter is an email from an attorney threatening legal action against you because you’ve inadvertently stepped on someone else’s trademark.

So, once you've listed possible domains, it's time to do a search on everyone.

Search Google, YouTube + find a government trademark search in your country.

Once you feel comfortable that your domain isn't infringing on anyone else’s legally protected territory, it’s time to narrow down to your top two!

STEP THREE: Reserve your domain

We’re ready to pull the trigger!

You can use a different domain purchaser, but I really love GoDaddy. They're always helpful + their coding works, so they're my go-to.

Search for your domain + if it's available, purchase that baby!

It can run anywhere from 4.99-30 dollar range. It's usually cheaper if you buy multiple years in advance. Just know it will probably increase in price as time goes on.

I like to always add the privacy option because it keeps your name + address from being listed in public forums. But that's a personal preference.

STEP FOUR: Choose your primary domain

Now, choose your number one domain to link your site to.

This is the one you'll use for your business, hopefully forever. But, here’s the key, keep that backup for a few years just in case.

And, since I'm not an attorney + won’t give you official legal advice, I'll just encourage you to Trademark when it feels right to you. That's the best way to keep everything protected!



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