How To Build Relationships TO Get Your Dream Peeps On Your Show

When I decided I wanted to start the “Visibility Vixen” podcast, I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I needed guests. I wrote down all of my biggest dreams guests – people like Mariah Coz, Melissa Pharr + Adrienne Dorison. These were the ‘pipe dreams’ of mine – ones I knew wouldn’t come onto the show now, but maybe a year or so in.

But, how was I supposed to contact them? What did I need to do?

Fortunately, growing up in the tv/film world taught me a lot about the dreaded word…NETWORKING. I know, it makes you want to barf, but it’s a bare necessity in any field – especially online entrepreneurship. Especially if you’re not regularly going to events. So, how do you stand out?

Here are some little tips that may inspire you on how to contact your desired podcast guests:


Most of the people you’ll be reaching out to will have their own Facebook Group. Make sure to join it, read their guidelines + do the following: Post a cute pic + give a friendly introduction to who you are, what you do, your big why + some funny facts. Interact on other people’s posts, answer questions + share in celebrations. Comment on every post by the group leader/desired guest you can. Trust me, over time, they’ll remember you + trust you.


 We tend to think that people with tens of thousands of subscribers {or more} have no idea who we are or read our emails. But most actually do! Most heart-led entrepreneurs may have a VA handling their emails, but the inspiring + touching ones always get forwarded to the ‘boss’. If they send out an impactful broadcast, let them know! I recently had a wonderful gal go through one of my video trainings, + she sent me a huge email with all of her takeaways! You better believe she’s made an impact on me + I’ll remember her!


We are SO blessed to live in a time were livestreaming is really taking off. Every entrepreneur either is or will be utilizing facebook live for their business. Follow them, set your notifications to ‘on’ + tune in to every live you can. {This is how I started with Melissa Pharr!} Participate kindly, lift them up genuinely + even type in the main points they are covering so that future listeners can see them! This is a wonderful way to support your guest so that they remember you, know that you go above + beyond + start to trust you.

You may be incredibly lucky to have a super niche podcast that people will want to join even if you haven’t built reviews yet, but most of the time, the big guns are looking to expand their reach, so they’re focusing on audience size. BUT – if they remember you + you’ve made the process + content easy to follow + substantial, you’d be surprised how many will say yes!

For me, I ended up booking Adrienne Dorison, Mariah Coz, Joanna Turner, Melissa Pharr + a TON more crazy-amazing lady entrepreneurs my first 3 months in. BUT --- it wasn’t luck. I had spent 6 months prior building relationships!


So, start now so you can start booking out your podcast with fantastic guests!

Any ideas or inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!!