Using ConvertKit As Your Email Responder To Grow Your List


We’ve heard it all before - you own your list, you don’t own Facebook.

Very true, but there are so many more reasons you should seriously think about getting your own email responder...and start with the one I recommend instead of trying to make MailChimp work until it’s too late.

  • It increases your credibility - a lot of publicity channels want to know how many people you have on your list, as do a lot of business partnerships

  • It keeps you connected - your people want to know they’re special and a part of your business’ journey...weekly emails are a great way to do that!

  • It keeps you teaching - if you’ve got the emails of every person who has purchased your product, you have a unique opportunity to keep them in learning mode through an ongoing email sequence

  • It gives you options - want to beta test your course or new product? Email your list! They’re always more than happy to get the inside scoop!

Having your own list is an incredible opportunity for a business owner. The primary goal is always to provide your subscriber the best experience with your brand, so let’s talk about why I chose ConvertKit and why it’s made all the difference.


I remember hearing about ConvertKit on a podcast when it had literally just launched. Like, last week. I immediately signed up and booked it’s founder, Nathan Barry, on my show. The direction he was going with this software was spot on and I knew it was going to revolutionize the industry. {this was back when Mailchimp or Infusionsoft were pretty much the only options}

Enter ConvertKit. Which was originally taglined with ‘email for bloggers’.

I used it and loved it, but when I moved my website and courses over to Clickfunnels, I had the option to host my email there too. Which I did. Instant regret!

As someone who has tried it all, I love being able to report back to you to let you know - in my honest opinion - why or why not something worked.  #timesaver #sanitysaver

So, Clickfunnels {which I love}. Their email responder is called Actionetics and it’s perfect if you want to be sending emails to everyone at the same time. But you can’t really segment.

That means if you want your weekly newsletter to go to everyone except the people who signed up for your challenge that starts next week, you can’t. For someone like me that has a ton of different segments on her list {sequence for each course, mastermind, etc}, this was a nightmare.

Back to ConvertKit I went. And breathed a huge sigh of relief!

This is the email responder I absolutely recommend. Even though it takes time to learn, it’s worth it because of the headaches it will save you from later.


In all honesty, we subscribe from emails everyday, right? Let’s look at why.

  • They email us too much

  • It’s boring content

  • They’re always selling something

  • They’re offensive

I unsubscribed from Thinx last week because they’re always spewing politics in their emails. *eye roll*

The uphill battle of having an email list is the delicate dance between providing value or annoyance. This is another win of using ConvertKit.

Using this email responder, you can customize your subscriber’s journey.

After giving them a tag if they subscribe to your lead magnet, you can automatically put them into an email sequence.

For example, if you take my Clickfunnels Challenge, you’ll start getting emails with system hacks, popular systems podcast episodes and powerful stories to help keep you inspired.

The biggest problem I see with people who are building their list is that they build a lead magnet, people subscribe...and that’s it! {I made this mistake too!}

By the time they get their act together and email them, the person on the other end of the screen has no idea who they are anymore!

So, before you really dive into to list-building, think about the customer journey. Write it all out.

Then set it up with ConvertKit and watch your audience adore your content!!

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