Exactly What To Include To Inspire Action In Your First Email Sequence

The days of simply sending out a newsletter are now in our rear view mirror. Our audiences are getting smarter, they want information more quickly + they crave value. 

So, once you've created your beautiful lead magnet + delivered it to them, what next? Hopefully you have a higher priced product you'd like for them to purchase, but how do you get them there?

The answer is an Email Sequence.

An email sequence is a fantastic way to build a relationship with your subscriber. Since they've devoured your freebie, they're perfectly primed to continue on a journey with you.

So, in the blank space between your freebie + your higher priced product - lies the email sequence. The opportunity to keep providing value + building trust until they're ready to buy!

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Element 1 - All About You

The first email of your sequence is a great place to tell your story...with your person's pain point in mind. Introduce yourself, remind them of exactly how you serve + give them a peek into your past.

What frustration brought you to what you do now? What have you learned that's helped you now teach others?

I teach Visibility because it used to be such an incredibly painful struggle for me. 

Remember, it's all about them. You're just sprinkling in your story for some relateable flavor.

Element 2 - Biggest Mistakes

Now it's time to highlight the pain point so you can remind your ideal client of why they need you + how you can help them with this oppressive problem.

A great way to do this is by highlighting some common mistakes you see people with that struggle making.

Are you a health coach who specializes in weight loss?

What, then, would be the 5 biggest mistakes you see people making when it comes to dieting?

Sometimes, we don't realize we're making a mistake until we're made aware of it. 

Element 3 - Biggest Tips

Now it's time to educate your tribe to lift them up into empowerment. What are some of the biggest tips or tricks you can give them on a specific topic? 

Don't go too broad here. Make sure it's on something extremely specific.

Using the health coach/weight loss example, giving 5 tips on how to stay hydrated when you're working out everyday would be a fantastic, niched down offering.

Make sure to give a little p.s. tease of your upcoming paid offering here so they can start getting excited about it! 

Element 4 - The Pitch

Okay. Now we're ready for the big guns. It's time to bravely offer your priced item with class, clarity + confidence.

Let them know that you've released this product, why you've created it {what need you saw that needed to be filled} + exactly what they'll get from it.

You need to give this specificity to them because there are TONS of other online offers out there - so they need to know:

  • Why this is different
  • Exactly how this can help them
  • How quickly they can implement this learning

This is the best thing you can do to get them to that checkout page, darling. 



I hope this has given you some quick clarity of how you can start shaping out your first email sequence in a way that gives tons of value, educates + gets them to want to work with you even further.

It's all a learning process, so don't be surprised if you're regularly updating/tweaking/re-working! 


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