Funnels: What The Heck They Are + Why You Need One

What on earth is a funnel? I find I’m being asked this question more + more - especially with the insane growth of Russell Brunson’s software “Clickfunnels”. A funnel is a customized experience that takes your viewer from free incentive to purchased product throughout a series of steps.

For example, when you see a Facebook ad that says click here to get a free mindset challenge, where you enter your email + receive it for free? Funnel step one. Then you get an email asking if you’d like 10 mindset meditations for $7? Funnel step two. Then awhile later you’re offered one-on-one mindset coaching for a higher price? Funnel step three.

You, my friend, have just witnessed your first funnel in action.

Some people view funnels as impersonal + as some sort of gimmick. In fact, I had someone attend my newest Systems Summit, only to email her list afterwards saying the funnel convos were totally against giving value to their audiences {which was totally untrue but proves the perception exists}.

Let me be clear: if you just want to make a ton of money + not provide value, your future lies in telemarketing, not online entrepreneurship.

But, assuming my beautiful readers are actually here to make a difference in people’s lives, let’s proceed.

How can you build your first funnel? Let me take you through the steps!


It’s always best to reverse-engineer this process because it’s always easier to work your way down then up. So let’s start with your shining product - what’s your big offer?

It may be:

  • 1 on 1 coaching

  • An e-course

  • A book

  • A physical product

  • A retreat

  • An event

There are many possibilities - but just for the sake of this lesson let’s stick with one tangible product you can offer your audience right now.


Ok, now that you have your big product in mind, it’s time to create your low cost offering. Ideally, this should be a morsel of your big product, but just one tiny chunk.

For example, with my Chic Systems course, the tripwire is a 20 minute workshop about creating a month’s worth of content ahead of time.

This is where a lot of people get stuck because they want to make it insanely valuable to prove their worth, so they end up giving away the farm.

Remember, this is just one small aspect of your big shining product. And this is not to qualify yourself by any means. This is all with the goal of giving your client a tangible, actionable win for their life or business.

With my class, they walk away with a calendar + the process to map out a month’s worth of content. It’s achievable. It’s doable. It’s 20 minutes.

Think small - your customer will thank you!


Great! We now have our big product + tripwire ready to go. Now it’s time to create our opt-in.

{You see these all day long in your Facebook feed, so start paying attention to see which ones seem attractive to you.}

Study your 2 products + figure out what is an even smaller, tasty win you can give them for free.

In my case, since Chic Systems shows them business systems mastery + the tripwire shows them how to map out a month’s worth of content, my opt in options were pretty limitless. I decided on a download that would show which systems are musts depending on which state of business you were in.

So for people totally new, I’d recommend a website + email responder. For people a year in, I’d add on a payment software + social media automation. For more advanced readers, I’d recommend a funnel-building software.

The small win is that someone could download this freebie + know what they really should be focusing on with their systems in order to stay organized + sustain growth.

Take a look at your products + start playing with some ideas to give them that small piece of guidance so that they want more.


You’ve now created your product, tripwire + opt in! {If you haven’t yet, now you know the steps to get started on!}

It’s time to put it all together.

Here is the order of sequence to create your ideal map:

Opt In ---> Tripwire ---> Product

Our goal is to take our audience on a journey. To intrigue them with our free offering, to get them excited about what we can teach with our tripwire + to create a life-long fan with our big shining product.

Ultimately, it’s about the journey.

Instead of getting their email + just leaving them lost in a never ending desert of silence, we are immediately warming them up with our tripwire. We’re building our relationship with follow up emails + then getting serious with our product.

I’ve found this to be a winning combination for me, which is why I want to introduce it to you to hopefully change the way you think about offering value.

By building these steps ahead of time you aren’t cheating, you’re thinking out their experience.

Very much like a date. Yes, improv is totally fun, but when your date has planned out a restaurant, movie or trip to a park it makes us feel all warm + fuzzy! That’s the same desire we should have for our audience.

I’d love to know what you think about creating your first funnel + I’d love to see it action!!

Comment below + go get started on creating your fabulous funnel!!

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