How To Lay Out Your Homepage To Build Your Credibility + Increase Your Opt-Ins

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Publishing your website can be a tedious + frustrating process. I've seen it take months, if not a full year, to get it off the ground.

Of course, some of that is taken up by design + coding {if you're using a platform like WordPress} - but a lot of it is because of lack of clarity.

What should I put on my Work With Me Page? What about my About Page?

And, the biggest headache - WHAT DO I PUT ON MY HOMEPAGE? 

Our homepage can be such a tricky blockage because, if you're anything like me, it can feel impossible to have the understanding of how to make yourself shine quickly + effectively in such a small space.


Use a gorgeous image to incite an opt in first thing. 

People need to see your face. So much happens energetically when we see someone's image - in person or over the computer. We can read who they are + if we're attracted to have them in our lives instantly. 

That means that - to get someone to want to work with you - they need to see you!

Choose a really beautiful, crystal clear image to have at the very top of your Home Page. 

Then, give them a great offer of how you can help {with a free training, guide, e-book, etc} + ask for the opt in right there. Putting it front + center with an instant "here I am + here's what I can give you" is a great way to increase your opt ins.


Give clear calls to action to make your viewer want to start training with you right away.

I used to have a Work With Me Page, but after I took Mariah Coz + Megan Minn's Website In A Box Course, I took it down. I absolutely adored the way they encouraged you to list on your Home Page the 3 immediate ways you can help.

I quickly incorporated it into mine, addressing 3 urgent needs that, when clicked, would take them straight to that training. 

I've found, specifically with my Beginner's Branding Booklet - it constantly gets new opt ins because it so quickly identifies my tribe's needs.


Promote a webinar/training/video to up your credibility

There's nothing better than a bit of free + meaningful publicity. This is a great place to show off your most recent webinar, training, video, whatever you want them to see where they can actually hear you speak. 

Since one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million typed words, I know that someone having the opportunity to immediately hop into one of my videos will be to their biggest service. 

So, list your training on your Home Page with a clickable button or link!


Give a tasting of who you are + how you help

This, my dear, is where your handy Mission Statement comes in. 

Putting this here re-affirms who you are + how you help. Put a cute little pic by it + remind them you're absolutely 100% real + ready to serve.

Website confusion is a problem you do not want to have, but one many online entrepreneurs struggle with. So be clear, clear, clear! 

Make sure your viewer knows exactly who you are + the main pain points you can help them out with.


Offer something special

I like to offer something once more at the bottom of my homepage. Since my Branding Booklet is a "best seller", I offer it there one more time to remind people "hey, don't forget to let me help you with this pain point"!

It's a great way to close down their journey on your HomePage, inspiring them to take action + continue the journey. You can also list a few blogs, audios, or whatever you feel will be of best help to your audience.


Once I implemented these 5 key changes to my Home Page, I noticed a huge shift in my business. Not only was the traffic coming in converting, but whenever I submitted to a publicity opportunity - the answer became YES! 

Because my Home Page was so clear, beautiful + helpful, others wanted me to start offering that clarity to their audiences.

Never forget how VITAL your Home Page is - start inserting the necessary changes right away to see your credibility increase + your opt ins begin climbing!


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