The 3 Types of Images You NEED For Your Brand

  Have you ever heard the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words"??? Getting it right when it comes to your business is vital!

The word "Photo-shoot" can unleash the inner crier in all of us. It can feel overwhelming, confusing, + strike absolute terror in our hearts.

But, that's why I'm here, doll.

I want to help you feel more empowered, clear, + confident knowing exactly what you need in order to strike gold with your 3 BOMB IMAGES for your Brand.


Growing up, my dad worked in the movies + I wanted to be an actress {shocker}. So, I started getting headshots back when they were black + white + you would have to look through a scope, at a big sheet full of images, to pick the perfect one. You would just have to hope you saw enough of it + there wasn't a huge booger in your nose or something...before digital, my friends.

I'm so glad I went through photoshoot after photoshoot for acting because, now I know exactly what to do as an entrepreneur/biz owner!

A headshot is a face-only photo of yourself, from your hair to your chin. Your headshot is going to be multi-functional for your brand. It will work for your bio; it's the image that will be put below your guest articles/podcasts/appearances, etc.

It needs to have great, bright lighting, + a clear shot of you at your best. Ladies, that means makeup, and a tad more than usual. You should see the amount of makeup put on actresses! They look absolutely caked in person, but on camera, it looks great. You don't have to be that extreme, but put on about 30% more than you normally would. 

Also, it's key to get your images retouched a bit, if you can. This minimizes shine, maximizes colors, + corrects any small blemishes that might be going on.



This is a photo that is from the chest up. It is a wider shot that shows more of your personality because it includes your shoulders, neck + whatever color you choose to wear.

I use these images in my Facebook group, Instagram feed + any articles I write that need a few more pics of me.

Optimally, your photographer will use a lens that is of great quality + will keep you in focus with the background slightly blurred.

That ups your quality + credibility enormously!

It is like the difference between a live-stream + an HBO show. Meaning, on a TV show, {like Westworld or Designated Survivor}, there us a main focus in every shot. One person, or a few people in focus, but the rest is slightly blurred.

It does a fantastic job of keeping your audience's attention!



These are the shots most people forget! We tend to only think about the photos that feature us but, when you are trying to create a banner image, it can become SO ugly + stretched out.

We don't want that!

We want a seamless look between all aspects of our images.

So, make sure you request a wide shot - taken horizontally - that will give you flexibility in editing.

  • Some with you centered
  • Some with you far right in the image
  • Some with you far left in the image

And, there you go...The 3 most powerful images that will serve your brand the absolute best!

Keep them in a folder for easy reference + get them up on your site, social media, 6 even your email footer, ASAP!

And, let me know your thoughts if you found my words today particularly helpful!