How To Be Less Terrified Of Livestreaming

Your palms are sweating. Your mouth suddenly has gone dry. You are shaking like crazy from nerves + are trying to take deep breaths, but aren’t calming down. You may have even run screaming around your block buck naked.

This is the average experience for Livestreaming – especially if you don’t have any prior experience in front of the camera.

I run a week-long challenge called “Comfy On Camera”, + I see this every time. Powerful, amazing, incredible women hitting “go live” for the first time, all the while being absolutely, positively, TERRIFIED.

You’ll hear most coaches in this area say that you need to practice more, that eventually the fear will leave. etc. Well…how do I put this kindly? THIS WILL NEVER WORK.

If you have that deep, unsettling, paralyzing fear of being visible on livestreams – there is a much bigger problem hiding under the surface that no amount of practice will solve.

That’s why so many challenges, courses and coaching don’t work! They weed whack at the problem, but they never discover + upend the root.

So…why are you afraid to livestream?

Well, in most cases, fear of going live has absolutely everything to do with being seen. Which comes from *big reveal*….NOT FEELING WORTHY OR THAT YOU’RE ENOUGH.

Think I’m crazy? Let me prove it to you.

If you’re reading this + are afraid of going LIVE, let’s journey back together.

What other time in your past {usually this happens in childhood} have you had your looks insulted, been bullied or abused, or had the belief wholeheartedly solidified that you are not pretty enough, not talented enough, not intelligent enough or not deserving enough to be successful in any area of your life?

If you take the time to really think on this question – to really feel into it, a memory will suddenly hit you in the gut + take away your breath for a second.

That’s okay. Normal, even. So, breathe into it with me.

What your mind + body are doing are taking that ever-rolling tape + handing it to you. Showing you the program they’ve been running for years…to see if you still want to keep it.

This is why I am so intentional + lovingly vicious with the content in the “Comfy On Camera” Challenge. I want you to see the lies you’ve been believing, solidify the truths that are actually there under all of the wounds + muck, so you can drop that 400 pound weight + finally move forward with your life.

Women have been in awe, have cried, have celebrated, + have felt totally shocked at discovering their old programs + creating new ones in 5 days.

And no, I don’t do any of the work, you do! My job is to hold the space, show you the crazy visibility journey I’ve been down + to simply LOVE YOU. No matter what.

Interestingly enough, after voicing these fears, wounds + past beliefs…they no longer are as paralyzing as they used to be. Every time you stop accessing the past + begin creating something new, a forward-moving shift happens. The positive emotions of serving your audience + living out your mission in a visible way become addicting – as they should be! And the negative voices aren’t nearly as loud + eventually, evaporate altogether.

Remember that terror + fear are emotional symptoms of false beliefs.

And, as those beliefs are adjusted to truth, stepping out into your visibility becomes an absolutely joy + honor to serve.