Maximize Your Content On Social Media {So You're Everywhere At Once!}

Social media and content creation, although they go hand in hand, can feel like an impossible pipe dream. And, since we have more than enough going on with emails, product building and client feels like there isn’t any time for it!

I want to help you start with one piece of content and get it to multiple channels so that you’re spending less time creating off the cuff and more time in the money-making aspects of your biz!


I think social media should be seen as a pyramid, but a flexible pyramid depending on where you’re primary content stems from.

Take a second to think about the type of content you most enjoy creating and your audience most enjoys receiving from you.

Is it a blog, video, livestream or organic post?

Once you’ve figure this out, put it at the top of your pyramid!

For me, it’s video, so that helps me to know that - before I do anything else - I need to create my videos for that month first. The rest of my social media will come later!

So, find your perfect content type and put it at the very tippy top of the pyramid!


Now, it’s time to create the downward flow of the rest of your content.

What other ways do you want to utilize your primary pyramid content?

  • Blog

  • Livestream

  • Video

  • Social Media Post

  • Newsletter

These are just some of your options. For the sake of my video example, I know that once I create my video, I can utilize pieces of it for my Instagram, Twitter + Facebook. I can also condense that video into a blog and advertise it to my email list.

Did you see that? My one piece of organic content has completely filled up my content calendar for the week!

This takes such enormous pressure off of me so that I can focus on creating training's for my mastermind, edit videos for my summit and whatever else needs to be done!

I can put my blinders on, record 4 videos in one sitting and be well on my way to filling the month up with content from just doing that!

Instead of putting so much pressure on ourselves to come up with new content every single day {we’re not Hercules after all}, why not batch and spread? It makes much more sense to me so that my audience feels nurtured and I feel sane!

Do you agree? How can you maybe start a new strategy by incorporating this pyramid?