Business Pillars: So Your Audience Knows Exactly How You Can Help Them

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-I remember standing on a nursery set in the movie "Paycheck", having arrived last minute as a replacement for the actor that had gotten sick.

"Ok, you're going to stand right here + say this line while Ben Affleck walks by."


And not because it was my first time on a set. It wasn't. I grew up following my pops around them. I was TERRIFIED because I felt ugly, fat + totally undeserving to be there.

I even avoided seeing it when it came out - my friends had to DRAG me because I was convinced it would be awful.

I was believing a false reality. And that's a huge issue I see with fellow lady entrepreneurs who want to up their VISIBILITY, but are terrified of being on camera. Believing a false reality.

This last Thanksgiving, my family hosted the holiday at my parent’s house. I may or may not have lost a bean bag on the roof while playing corn hole with my Dad. But, about 2 weeks prior, my Mom made the calls around to see what everyone was going to bring. Someone was bringing potatoes, another a casserole, another pies, etc. Mom was going to make the turkey, despite being a vegetarian for over 20 years. 

My point is, in order to make the dinner successful, we all had to bring different dishes to the table. And the same is true for your messaging.

Your ideal client has a lot of needs. No matter where they’re at; if they’re a stay at home Mom struggling with weight, a burnt out college student, a flailing solopreneur...they have a ton of needs. Needs with their business, their diet, their relationships, their mindset, their emotions. So on + so forth. And, please hear me, you cannot and WILL not meet them all.

They are seated at that table + it’s their job to order the right dishes. The catch is, you as the expert, can only bring one dish to your client. One. Tops.

If your client is savvy enough to consider your “dish”, you better be darn sure that their menu has a very clear description of what you’re offering. And this is where most people fail.

Clarity is one of the hardest things to achieve in your business.

Go into any business-minded Facebook Group + you’ll see tons of people pitching themselves, presenting themselves, trying to position themselves...but you’ll leave confused. Because there’s no specificity. There’s no clarity. There is no excellence.

Because it takes time. It takes hard work!

It’s much easier, in the beginning, to be generic.

But, when you end up drowning in brand confusion, fuzzy copywriting + zero’ll start realizing how exhausting lack of clarity really is.

When you can pinpoint exactly who you are, who you serve + what you do, the words start rolling off of your tongue {or keyboard} like butter.

So, let’s start with your Pillars.

Let’s narrow down how you serve to 2 or 3 categories. And I don’t mean huge, broad topics. I mean niched down, specific, tangible things.

If nothing comes to mind, just start jotting down all of the results you help your client achieve. Then, put them into 2 or 3 categories. Boom. You’ve got your business pillars!

Here’s an example. If I were to call myself a Life Coach, I might make my pillars Mindset, Body + Spiritual Practices. That way, if you were to look me up online, you’d know exactly what I focus on.

Is this starting to make sense?

Let’s translate your Pillars into video.

It’s easy to whip out the video camera, but usually when the record button is hit, we blank. What on earth are we supposed to talk about?

So, before you roll out that red carpet, you need an action plan for your content. That’s where the pillars come in.

But guess what? You’ve already created the categories for your Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook or Website videos!

Isn’t that handy? Your pillars are your main categories for your videos.

Now, take your pillars + make bullet points under each category. This is when you go into crazy detail.

So, if we’re using my Life Coach example, I might list the following under my Mindset Pillar: Meditation, Affirmations, Intentions + Wake Up Calls. And I’ve already come up with at least 4 videos under one of my pillars.

But I can break that down even further.

If one of my video topics was Meditation, I can break that down into videos about specific meditation masters, how I meditate, what meditation does to the brain, etc. etc.

Now, I’ve got at least 16 videos under my Mindset Pillar.

Pretty cool, huh?

When we have clarity in ourselves, we have clarity in our strengths.  When we have clarity in our strengths, we have clarity on our message.

And now that we’ve gotten clarity in our message, I’m going to show you how to spearhead your voice in your market.

To do that, we need you to show up at your best, nail your topic + have the right equipment to support you.

So, write down your Pillars, plan out your videos + I’ll see you in the next blog where we’ll take our final step together + find your gorgeous voice!