OUT OF OVERWHELM: How to condense your workload

I tend to put way too much pressure on myself in my business. I have 25 tabs open at once and wake up feeling stressed.

Did I schedule that post? Have I written my newsletter? What livestreams will I do this week? Has my Pinterest grown at all? I need to go pick up paper towels. Has the dog gone out today?

Can you relate?

It can feel so overwhelming. It makes me want to just disappear to Costa Rica for a few….years.

So, before we all sail away, I’d love to chat with you about some incredible things I’ve learned lately about multitasking. The biggest takeaway?

The brain HATES it.

Scientist Zhen Whang mentioned in a recent study on multitasking that if we watch tv while studying with our facebook chat open, we get a level of emotional satisfaction from doing so many things at once. {Like how we check out social media at the dinner table. I see you, girl! Me too!} We’re checking our phone constantly, convinced that task it keeping our afloat!

What’s really going on in our brains when we multitask? The brain actually panics and splits its focus so it’s not creative at all. It’s called “spotlights” - meaning the brain is frantically trying to switch between tasks, so multiple part of the brain are lighting up, confused at what to do next! And if you know anything about neural pathways, they are all about going one direction at a time.

Imagine when you’re trying to upload pictures and edit off of your harddrive at the same time. It makes it operate so much slower because it’s having to do multiple things at once! Our brain hates it just as much.

It’s more efficient to batch our tasks.

For efficiency’s sake, I’m going to break down for you some productivity questions that will really help you look at your tasks in a new and refreshing way. First of all….

What’s the dream of how many hours you’d like to work per week? Let’s be realistic here. Maybe 4-5 hours a day?

Because, in all honesty, if you get 4-5 hours of concentrated, heavy-lifting work done...that’s plenty more efficient than scrambling from task to task with no direction whatsoever.

Bam. 4-5 hours per day.

Now, let’s look at theming our days {aka batching our tasks}

What if you batch types of work into specific days?

For example, content creation can be on Monday. Blogs, newsletters, etc.

Tuesday can be video and livestreaming day. Recording and uploading.

Wednesday can be client day - calls, scheduling, etc.

You get the drift.

What if your schedule got a little bit more strict so that you had a little bit more freedom in your space?

I’ve been doing this recently and I gotta tell you, I get so much more done every day! Because all day Thursday is social media, I’m pinning like a mad woman on that day so that my pinning tasks are broken down to once a month! Next week I’ll work on tweets…

It’s pretty amazing to watch your time multiply your productivity because it’s simply more organized.

So, now it’s time to get a project management software. I personally recommend Asana.

It’s free and it’s a great tool to keep yourself more focused for the days ahead. Instead of checking my calendar a million times a day, I open up Asana, look at my due tasks and get to work!

And since I’ve inputted everything that needs to get done with due dates ahead of time, I don’t spend time panicking trying to figure out everything that needs to be done in my head. Hello, lifesaver!


  • Stop multitasking. Your brain will thank you!

  • Imagine your goal hours of working per week

  • Batch your tasks into daily themes

  • Upload your tasks in a project management software

Did you love these key tips? I hope so! Here’s how you can learn even more tools to keep your business on it’s A-game ----->