How 90% Of Brands Mess Up Their Photo-shoots

 There are some key elements that are essential for your photo-shoot...let me enlighten you, doll!

We are drowning in entrepreneurs on Facebook, aren't we?

Don't get me wrong, it's a WONDERFUL thing. But, it's also a huge indicator of how many people have no clue how to represent themselves effectively in their visual brand. 

I'm going to give you an overview, of the common mistakes I see, so you'll feel totally empowered to absolutely rock your Brand!




I can't emphasize this enough, you have to have a Color Palette! An intentionally chosen, purposefully mastered, Color Palete! Without it, you cannot stand out in digital space.

So, choose your primary + secondary color, get them incorporated into your images. Right NOW!

{For help choosing your Brand Color, take the Color Quiz!}





I've heard, "just put yourself out there, try some things + see what sticks" to launch your entrepreneurial career.

EEK! Don't listen, darling!

Why? Because that is begging OTHERS to define YOU.

You have to start with your why, your voice, your story + your message. And that all boils down to intention.

So, figure out who you are in your Brand then, create a purposeful "look" around that.

What color will you always wear, during photo-shoots?

You don't have to follow this protocol for live streams, but you HAVE TO, for your Brand.





Definitely reference my blog here about The 3 Types of Images You Have to Have for Your Brand to dive deeper into this subject. In the meantime, don't make it all one thing!

You need a variety of images {with a consistent look}, to represent you. That way, you will have smooth sailing when you submit for publicity, Facebook ads,...pretty much everything.

Selfies don't cut it!

Put in the work, the effort + the finances, because we don't have time to mess around here!

We need to elevate ourselves from the rest of the herd so we can start impacting lives + increasing our following, right now!


Remember to take the Color Quiz + I'll see you in the next blog!