squarespace website design

I spent months staring at my website...

knowing I loved using SQUARESPACE, but hoping that IT COULD BE BETTER.



There was nothing wrong with my theme, but it didn't offer the flexibility I wanted + honestly? I had no idea where to start.

I didn't want to hire someone to work on my site, be at their mercy + out thousands of dollars, so I just kept hoping.

I had been stalking Mariah Coz of for months + heard many references to Megan Minns -- who worked with her on site design. That, of course, led to me stalking Ms. Minns' page + wondering how she had accomplished such brilliant work.

Then changed...overnight! I watched Mariah's before + after video + just KNEW...deep in my gut...that something wonderful was about to happen.

Enter the letter in my inbox the next morning letting me know about "Website In A Box". Where those two geniuses had collaborated to teach you EXACTLY how to build out the Pacific Squarespace Template to your own delicious delight!

The price? Less than $200.

The time? 2 days.

It's the quickest online decision I've ever made...and boy am I glad I did!

The course is through Teachable, so it's very easy to navigate through. Megan is the teacher, + I love how each time you click "next" to the next lesson --the video autoplays! 

The videos are also short + sweet. To the point. The code is even provided for quick access.

So, I worked my way through each one. 

I'd watch, pause, then accomplish the assignment.

It seems never-ending, but it's not -- trust me! The ground work is all laid out so before you realize it, you're done! Then you can do infinite tweaks as your heart desires!

Megan + Mariah's triple team are Squarespace, LeadPages + ConvertKit. I just closed my LeadPages account, so am using just Squarespace + ConvertKit for now. I love that she did multiple tutorials for each possible usage, so you know exactly what to do!


  • How to create index pages - the secret to color blocks on your page

  • How to design a gorgeous header where text won't live across your face

  • How to make photos circular so they're more gorgeous!

  • How to connect Squarespace Forms + buttons with ConvertKit

  • How to input side-by-side choices {like on my start page}

  • How to utilize secondary navigation so your top nav isn't crazy cluttered

  • How to Code my specific colors + spacing into my website


Love it? You can find "WEBSITE IN A BOX" HERE.




Here's a video before + after of my entire website -- see if you like it!