Social Media Systems: What I Use To Stay Automated + Authentic

I don’t know about you, but moments after I wake up, I check my email first, then all of my social media. I know, I know, I shouldn’t do that first thing in the am but I can’t help it! It’s instinct...can you relate?

I want to see what’s been happening, what the activity is + if there are any burning questions I need to answer for my students.

And that takes up enough of my time. Asking me to then post on every channel, sometimes multiple times a day, is way too much.

Which takes me back to walking home from the coffee shop 6 months into Visibility Vixen, trying to post to Facebook, Twitter + Instagram on the way + feeling like I wanted to hurl my anxiety was so high. How could I keep this up every single day?

And honestly? I can’t. You can’t. None of us can!

Instead, I’ve learned to batch + automate. So when I wake up, all of my channels have been posted to. My business marketing is still running. And I can get up to engage, not to create.

It’s been a lifesaver. So let’s get you started on that same successful social media path, shall we?

For the sake of this blog I’d like to focus on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram - not saying you can’t have more, but this is plenty of a start for you to learn the system + then expand to other platforms.


Totally different beasts. We’re talking a hippogriff vs a grindelow. {Yes, I’ve been re-watching Harry Potter lately}

I find it to be fascinating how different they are when they both have newsfeeds + are both social platforms.

I’ve found that Facebook is much more engagement based - people want content they can think on, process + comment with.

  • What software should I use for my email responder? Thoughts?

  • I just made my own candied pumpkin! Look!

  • Luggage recommendations for my upcoming trip, anyone?

It can be a hard platform because...well, it can be exhausting. You can literally pull up your Facebook + spend 12 hours engaging + thinking up posts.

Twitter, on the other hand, I’ve found to be a much more fan-based platform. Yes, you can build your audience {mine’s up to 12k}, but it’s not the same kind of engagement with Facebook. People want action content. Videos, links to podcasts + blogs...more, more, more!

And they don’t care if it’s recycled or not. Let the retweets, hearts + shout outs fly!

So, it’s important to know that - even though I’ll be recommending the same software to automate both platforms, you need to have custom content for each. Ok?


This is the holy grail of social media schedulers + recyclers. And for someone who needs content sent out months in advance + then recycled to my facebook group, private group, personal page, fan page, etc...I’m as attached to MeetEdgar as my iphone.

MeetEdgar allows you to create categories, like:

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • Facebook Group Prompts

  • Press

You get the idea. And you have two options here.

When you upload content, you can either schedule it once {so it’s a one + done}, or just save it generally so that it can appear over time.

So, let’s say you’re looking at your Meet Edgar calendar + decide you want random content {taken from each of your categories} to be posted to your fan page at 10am Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays. You’d simply select those times on the calendar + select “Random”.

Boom. You’re done.

I personally use MeetEdgar to loop content + to schedule it months out for launches so that I don’t even have to worry about it. It’s been a lifesaver!

I also use MeetEdgar for Twitter. *insert Hallelujah chorus here*

Because Twitter is a much busier news feed, I know I need to be posting there at least once per hour to keep up. And MeetEdgar is totally down with that!

The calendar is all customized so that it’s posting random content from my blogs, publicity, podcast every hour for my tweeps. And, if I have a launch coming up, I simply adjust the calendar to pull from that launch category 4 or 5 times a day.


I know there’s another less expensive software called SmarterQueue - very similar to MeetEdgar. I have a lot of industry friends who absolutely love it, so you may want to start there. Here’s the big BUT. You can only have 10 content category types. For me, I have about 20, so it wouldn’t work for me. But hey, if you’re starting out or can limit it to 10, you can definitely check SmarterQueue out!


So now, Facebook + Twitter are all done! Yay! And you’re saving a TON of money on hiring someone to post for you.

What about Instagram? Instagram is much trickier because they are more strict about automation. The good news? I found a way through the maze.

After personally talking to Ivan, the founder of an Instagram posting software named Grum, I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are safe. Grum posts your scheduled photos using native posting, not the Instagram API. Other softwares use the API + that is what violates Instagram’s terms of service.

Now you know it’s safe. So what exactly does it do?

Grum allows you to upload your photo or video - along with caption AND your first comment. That means you can put all your hashtags in the first comment instead of clogging up your caption!

Pretty sweet, right?


Together, you can completely automate your Facebook, Twitter + Instagram posting so you can free up your time while looking totally on fire online!!

Remember, each platform is vastly different so don’t just spam post the same thing everywhere. Take the time to customize your images. Feed your audience where they’re at.

And know that by investing about $50/mo, you can focus a few days on the month’s content, then work on the other aspects of your business!

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