Am I Ready To Start Podcasting?

There are hundreds of people out there that can tell you exactly how to get started podcasting. What software to use, where to host it, how to book guests…but that’s not the first step.


The first steps are all internal + are the vital groundwork to starting a successful podcast that will not only build your audience + connections, but actually make a difference in the world.

After all – if you’re only doing this for notoriety + money, you’re in the wrong place!

Goal: To step out as a thought leader in the online space






In order to hold this kind of space for other people to listen to your show, see your work + eventually commit to working with you, you have to help yourself to do so. That means hydration, sleep, feeding yourself intentionally, meditation, exercise + expanding your knowledge with reading + learning.



Trust me, especially in the entrepreneurship field, your wounds will come screaming out at you at the most unexpected moments. Your first launch, in the middle of a coaching call, at an event. You’ll suddenly feel waves of inevitable failure, surges of uncontrollable emotions, or your body will straight up give out + you’ll find yourself in an ER. {and yes, these are all literally examples from entrepreneurs I know!}

So, acknowledging now that you don’t want ANY of that to be you, this inner work absolutely must be done. Commit to reading Paul Hegstrom’s “Broken Children, Grown Up Pain”. Study Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself”. Enroll in my $67 course Life Reboot for 20 minute daily exercises to get aligned mind/body/spirit.

Please trust me in thisbecoming a leader in the online space doesn’t just “happen”. It isn’t “easy”. It take a ton of work + by putting this kind of intense work in, you will be equipped to handle leading a tribe of people where they need to go by listening to you.



After seeing hundreds of women go through this exercise in my Comfy On Camera challenge, I can tell you that about 80% struggle with this concept. Many go through their why’s of ‘helping reach people’ or ‘improving their family life’, which is absolutely wonderful…but it has nothing to do with their Big Why. So, listen closely here. Your BIG WHY is how you will use the revenue from your business to create actual change in the world.

An example. My immediate why is to help empower launching ladypreneurs to step out into the online space so they can skyrocket their visibility + monetize their success. Beautiful, right?

My BIG WHY is to educate farmers on how to grow true soil, plant millions of trees to combat air pollution, clean up our oceans + build a healing center to help people suffering from chronic pain.

How does that hit you?

Are you more inspired by my immediate why or my BIG WHY?

I love to see people’s faces light up when they share their BIG WHY – the air around them changes, their eyes light up + their passion absolutely explodes! No one will listen to your podcast because of your immediate why, my dear. They need the big guns. So nail down that BIG WHY for your show + your business.



If you go through this process, you will be HEADS ABOVE everyone else drowning in their own past, wounds + automatic failure-ing all over the place.

You will be connected to your mission.

You will be prepared for success.

You will start attracting opportunities.

And're ready to start impacting the world with your podcast!



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