Using Your Strengths To Bring More Clarity Into Your Online Offerings

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Sometimes, the smallest step can feel like you're trying to jump over a freaking CAVERN, am I right?

The biggest obstacle with creating videos? Pushing record.

Everything that comes after that is MUCH easier, trust me. But when everything is screaming at you that you're not enough + not worthy...pushing that button is damn near impossible.

What are your strengths? Or is it easier to focus on your weaknesses?

Do you wake up energized by your potential + talents, or are you begrudgingly looking in the mirror at that extra weight, that never-ending to-do list or feeling totally dejected skimming the newsletters of your inbox of other “successful” entrepreneurs?

I've totally been there.

And some days, it can be hard to change out of our pajamas.

In the last blog, we talked all about how we’ve been totally conned. Convinced to believe lies about our worth + reality that are totally untrue.

So, now that we are recovering from this case of mistaken identity, it's time to rip apart the “dome” of that old reality + build a new one!

Keep reading the affirmations I gave you in the last blog, + now let’s add something.

Let's add positioning.

So what sets apart video masters like Marie Forleo or James Wedmore? Oprah or Jimmy Fallon?

It isn't fame - because they haven't always been famous.

It isn't money - because each had to work hard for their success.

These masters are set apart because they were absolutely convinced, whatever the circumstances, of their POSITION. Their powerful position.

That they had a purpose. A message. A mission that was bigger than themselves.

So there was no time to lose with doubt, fear or other people’s words.


There was no time to live in a constant state of defeat.




Fear, failure, age, traumas, fatigue, anger, or just plain feeling asleep?

Are you sick of it yet?

Want to change it?

I certainly did. And the best way to stop looking backwards is to create a mission that moves us forward.

So, what's your mission?

That can be a hard question to answer in just a sentence, but it can be done. A lot of people in the business space call it a “Mission Statement”.

But instead of giving yourself a headache trying to piece it together, I want to encourage you to imagine something.

So close your eyes.

Keep them closed.

I want you to find yourself on an airplane. But not just any airplane, a private jet. I want you to simply observe what the inside of this plane looks like. What are the colors of the seats? The floor? Where are you sitting?

Now, look outside the window.

You're parked in front of a big convention center.

Now look at your lap. What are you wearing? Do you have a purse or briefcase? How's your hair? Are you wearing makeup?

What color are your clothes?

Now it's time to step off of the plane + approach the convention center. Look at the banner.

What kind of conference is it?

As you walk inside, someone is walking up to you. What are they saying?

Are they handing you a ticket to sit in the audience?

Are they giving you a one-sheet of the event because you're speaking?

Or are they barraging you with questions because you're leading the entire event?

Sit with yourself for a second. Feel what it feels like to be there at that conference. What that topic means to you. What it feels like to be in your purpose.

Now wake up + write everything down.

Pause me + come back when you're done. Don't leave anything out!

You were just communing with your future self.

And she doesn't have time for games. She isn't worried about what other people think or what may or may not fail. She is on a mission.

You are on a mission.

Your assignment today is to list your strengths. And I want 50 of them! Ask your friends, your spouse, your audience, put up a post online...then add a TON of your own. You know what they are...they may have just been forgotten over time. But we’ll find them.

Do you remember my dirt analogy from the last blog? How, if I were your enemy,  I'd throw dust, every day, at the diamond of your soul until it was so far buried in sand that you would forget what it looked like + only see dirt instead?

It's time to shovel away that dirt.

Growing up, we had a few horses. And I had the pleasure of regularly going out to the corral + shoveling the manure. Even in the rain.

Raking, scooping, tossing.

It felt like a meaningless task.

But, over time, my muscles grew {wet horse poop is heavy, by the way}. My hands became calloused. I learned more + more about horses. How they moved, what frightened them, how they liked to be talked to. I was able to have the time to observe them, as they truly were.

We are shoveling this dirt away from your diamond, my dear. We are observing the truth of you - in your natural, unmarred state.

And it's freaking beautiful.

Your strengths are unique, special + downright vital for our next step...which reaching your audience with your distinct, powerful message.

So, send me your strengths, I’d love to see them!

Remember to list 50 of them. 50. For real.

And I'll see you in the next blog where we’ll be crystallizing your message!