The Biggest Lie holding back your visibility

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I remember hiding in the shadows.

Believing my bullies, acting coach + even my own thoughts that I wasn't enough to be on camera. Every time I hit record, I'd instantly delete -- afraid of what other people would think.

Did I mention I grew up on film sets?

I was believing lies. And that's the number one issue I see with fellow lady entrepreneurs who want to up their VISIBILITY, but are terrified of being on camera. Believing lies.  

Have you been brainwashed into believing you have nothing valuable to offer?

If I were your enemy, I'd slowly, gradually, whisper lies about you into your ear until you were convinced that the whispers were actually your own thoughts. I'd throw dust, every day, at the diamond of your soul until it was so far buried in sand that you would forget what it looked like + only see dirt instead. I'd work hard, every day, to weave a tapestry of my reality so detailed that, as it formed around you, you'd be convinced it was yours, your own reality.

Have you been brainwashed into believing you have NOTHING valuable to offer?

We’ve all been there. Whether it's from our parents, friends, bullies, illness or trauma - we’ve all been convinced at some point {usually in our childhood} that we’re really not worth much. Our romantic relationships usually validate that hypothesis, so by the time we’ve graduated college, we’re determined our dreams won't become reality.

If you're anything like me, you had HUGE dreams. Mine started really young, where I'd fashion twine into a harness + walk my chickens around our property. Or strap palm branches on my arms + jump off things - convinced that I could fly.

That turned into wanting to be in the movies...where anything was possible. I could be a jungle explorer, a dancer, an astronaut - getting paid to make believe. That sounded incredible to me!

But then I got bullied in middle school. Told I was ugly, fat + worthless. My acting coach, who happened to be a well-known actress at the time, told me I didn't have the looks to be in front of the camera.

And I believed her.

I was presented with a reality by my bullies + my acting coach, + I accepted them as my own. I adopted someone else’s truth. And it never quite fit. It was uncomfortable to wear. The print didn't look good on me.

Chances are, you are wearing a reality that isn't yours, either.

Does it look like parental shame, spousal guilt, “I'm only a Mom” or “I'll just work at this job until…”?

The list goes on. And on.

Or, maybe you've stepped into the entrepreneur space + are still struggling with getting in front of that camera.

I certainly understand that. My wounds led me down the path of being a stand in. Replacing actors when they weren't working so that sound, lighting + camera crews could use my body to get the next shot right. Get the irony? I was in front of the camera...but not when it was actually on.

Sound ridiculous to you? It absolutely was.


-Cringing at every photo/video you take + hitting “delete”

-Editing + re-editing all of your social media posts, worried about what other people might think

-Seeing other people doing what you're trying to do...and seeing yourself as less than {this is also known as comparisonitis}

-Living in a pre-emptive state of defeat, meaning that you don't even really try because you already feel too discouraged to take action

-Hearing repeated thoughts trying to convince you to count yourself out

None of this is embarrassing. This is our current reality + it has to be honestly looked at.

I know I've felt all of those things, + it kept me pinned down to the floor.

And there is one statement you HAVE to hear today, that you have to believe + that has to make you ANGRY.

And that is:


Yep, you heard me right. All of the damage, pain, words, feelings, all of it...have been hellishly orchestrated to convince you that those outer perceptions of you are true. Because if you can be convinced of that, you will never ever become the person you were designed + sent here to be.

And I, for one, want to put a stop to that in your life right now.

I know you're here today to learn how to make beautiful videos. And I could impress you all day with my background of growing up on movie sets + working on fancy shows, but can you see that, no matter what lighting, framing or technique I showed you - none of it will be of any use until you see the true Value that YOU have to offer?

And I didn't learn that on a film set. I learned it while laying in bed for 2 years with a failing body. Because I'd let myself give up + give in to being a victim, a failure + a fluke.

So I'm here to show you your VALUE.

And it simply can't be seen until we strip the lies away + let the true you emerge - exposed, fresh + a little raw - to the light of truth.

It's time to stop grieving over who you WISH you were + realize the incredible destiny you posses...that no one else on this earth has. You are here for a reason.

  • You are equipped. You have all the tools you'll ever need to do this.

  • You are chosen. You're not a mistake. You have a distinct voice that no one else can copy.

  • You are strong. You're still here - you've survived the past + it's time to create an amazing future for yourself + those you’re meant to reach.

  • You can do this. Every detailed aspect of “this” - your life, your business, your goals, your intentions - you can do it.