Spearheading Your Voice So Your Clients KNOW Who You Are + Are Ready To Buy From You

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My most embarrassing moment happened on a film set during the movie "Face:Off" {I'll tell you more about that during the challenge, but I will tell you that it happened in front of John Travolta + Nicolas Cage *mortified*}

When it was my turn to act, sing or be live on camera, I would clam up. Terror would work its way up my face + even though I would force myself to go through with it, I definitely sabotaged myself. Over + over.

There was a reason. Subconscious tapes, stuck on repeat, keeping me from changing my future. It was all pre-programmed for failure, + I was very obediently following my brain's instructions.

It's time to change the program, darling.

We have been through so much together already!

We’ve stopped listening to false realities, we’ve started to believe in our strengths + we’ve gotten clarity in our messaging.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me + being open enough to doing the work. You’ll never regret it.

Today, I want to get you started down the road of visibility. It’s time to get in front of that camera + start creating gorgeous videos! Are you ready?

Let’s start with you.

We need to make sure you are showing up at your very best.

This doesn’t mean perfect, it means INTENTIONAL. So, think about your message -- then put yourself in the best space to present that message to your audience. That might be indoors or outdoors, just put some thought into your location.

What about clothes?

What color would be best to communicate to your audience? If you haven’t been through my Color training, I highly recommend checking it out on the website. Start becoming more purposeful in how you look. Your clothing, hair, makeup. Don’t go overboard - we’re not covering anything up, we’re simply presenting ourselves as we would for a first date. I think our audience deserves that, don’t you?

Next, let’s look at your equipment. Are you all set up?

You don’t need a three-thousand-dollar camera, you can make great videos with your iphone. But we need to pay attention to the framing + lighting. A bad angle or poor lighting can ruin even the most action-packed video.

Also, remember your audio. Plug in a mic. And yes, they even have external mics for iphones! Good sound can cover a multitude of sins, so always invest in presenting yourself as professionally as possible.

Now, it’s time to Record your brilliance!

Don’t stress out. The beautiful thing about recorded video is that you can shoot multiple takes. But here’s the key. You’re not allowed to re-watch what you just recorded. What I mean is, record the content + if you make a very visible flub, do it again. But that’s it. None of this doing a take, hitting playback + staring at yourself doing the whole thing. You’ll hate it + just delete it + that’s no good.

So, instead, record it, check to make sure the shot, lighting + sound looks good when you’re all done + then import it.

Because, the truth is, it’s never going to be perfect. I’ve been doing this awhile + I still have yet to see a perfect video of myself. But, it’s not important to me. Because I’m not perfect. And it’s unrealistic to put that kind of pressure on myself.

As long as I do my best with my message, presentation + shot, I’m happy.

So please do the same.

A lot of people are making videos out there. It can be pretty nerve wracking putting yours out there, right?

I’m here to tell you that the best way you can differentiate yourself + have your voice be heard is to set yourself apart. And, in the online space, that is almost entirely visual. You have to have a beautiful presentation.

Don't worry as much about the technicalities, just focus on your message. Then build from there.

It's all a work in progress, darling.