Why Do I Really NEED A Brand??

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When I first got started, I had no IDEA what I was doing. Especially with my Brand. And since I didn't know, I just floundered about.
I put up the pictures of myself {that I already had} that I liked + just kept going! 

So...why do we REALLY need this whole Branding thing?

My personal belief is because without a brand, there is no purpose to our business.


  • Our promise to our customer

  • Our foundation of understanding what can be expected from us

  • Our differentiation

  • Our representation of who we are, where we're going + where we're going to take them

Without that, why demand someone work with us? Why even ask?

If I haven't presented myself in a way that provides all of the above qualifications, then I shouldn't expect clients who are clear or consistent because I haven't SHOWN my own beacon of light for them to be attracted to!

See what I mean?

When this lightbulb went off in my head, I went nuts -- in a good way. I went to work. Re-doing my colors {more on that later}, establishing the pillars in my biz + diving into photoshoots to change the whole look of how I presented myself.


  • Clarity

  • Consistency

  • Creativity

Ready to dive even further into your BRAND?



To Your Badass Brand,