060 | FAMILY CIRCLE | The Basics For Being A Successful, Happy Person


Hey friends!

Today I've got my family back in town for another FAMILY CIRCLE episode! This is such a fun one, friends!

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Attract new opportunities / make your business grow.

  • Joe Dispenza

  • Paul Hegstrom

  • Raphology

Difference from before (work hard, strive, etc) to now including the holistic side of business:

  • Have you done the work? Did you exercise the change? If not, you will repeat what you have been taught. Where do you wanna go? As soon as you remove yourself from the past / from your habits, you have room to change and grow.

  • What are your negative patterns in your life? How can you change your current environment?

  • Before you head out the door in the morning, take your time (if only 15 min) to be quiet, meditate and think about what you want of this new day.

  • Survival mode will not let you create anything new because your body is so busy with putting all its energy into “surviving” … even if it’s only going to work but being stressed all day or not liking it.

What is growth mode? It’s a space to relax, let your body relax, start creating new patterns.

  • Our subconscious is playing 95% of our past tapes. We have 5% to snap out of it and reprogram our brain. Get rid of your negative beliefs. Take control of your thoughts.

Why do we feel different when we reprogram our brain? The body follows the mind.

  • Negative thoughts might have been passed down by other people. Hurt people hurt people. Don’t compare yourself.

  • Changing is hard work.

  • When people try to project negativity on you, decline or say that’s not true. Don’t accept it. Know who you are and where you are going so you don’t take on somebody else’s opinion of you. What are your universal truths?

  • Ground yourself. Go out into nature and recharge and heal.

  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

How can manifestation work for you?

  • Get over what society says what you should or should not be. Heal from your past. Be satisfied with your life (after you make changes). Create.

  • Find your passion. Project into your future. Be grateful. You have to know where you are going. Calm everything down. Create space. Start visualizing where you wanna be.

  • What’s your mission?

  • Don’t give up. Fight for what you want.

  • Your past (pain, relationship failures, upbringing, etc) will be used as your story. You will be able to help other people thru what you learned.

  • Acknowledge your wounds. Analyze them. Ask for forgiveness / forgive. Let it go.

  • You are never stuck to your current situation. You are never a victim to your past (unless you choose to). You can impact and change the world with your unique gifts and calling. You were born for a specific purpose.

  • Own your brain real estate.

  • Meditate before you get to bed. Don’t use your phone.

  • Go connect with nature.

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