210 | KRISTIN MARQUET | Key Publicity Secrets To Grow Your Brand FASTER

Entreprenuership is all about the hustle; however, it’s who you know who can get your business ahead of the game. This week, I join forces with my publicist Kristin Marquet. This New-York girl dishes all the best secrets and tips to get a head start in your publicity.

With a no-B.S. attitude, Kristin is the Creative Director of Creative Development Agency. Kristin also develops, manages, and implements various external communication initiatives. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful external communication programs. She is also the co-author of Publicity Jumpstart with Michelle Lewis.


  • Visibility versus Publicity versus Cupcakes.

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs make when Pitching.

  • How your niche market is THE market for your grassroots.

  • The Fine balance between Articulation and Vulnerability can mean for your business.


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