Bailey Richert

053 | BAILEY RICHERT | Hosting Your First Online Summit

For years Bailey Richert was caught up in the 'rat race' as she followed what she was taught was the 'right path' in life. A high school valedictorian and magna cum laude engineering university graduate, Bailey took a job for many years working the 9-to-5 consulting grind in California. To most, it must have seemed like she 'had it all', but she wasn't anywhere near being fulfilled. The cubicle life would never allow her to achieve the dreams, goals and ambitions she had.

So she decided to make a change.

In 2013, Bailey left her corporate career, studied entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and launched her own online, location independent business with the goal of earning her own income from anywhere in the world. Today, she helps others realize that it is possible to achieve the life you truly desire if you put in the effort to create the financial means to support that life. Her business model of choice? "Infopreneurship". Through her books, blog, courses, coaching programs and events, Bailey helps individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.


What is stage 0 to hosting a mini workshop / mini summit and building my list? What is the behind the scenes prep work before you even start the workshop?

  • 12 step process (3 phases): each phase takes a month for big summits
  • Planning logistics (sit down before you take action): how many days, what are the dates, what is the theme, name of the event (don’t bring in speakers before you know what the theme is)

How would you put the fears of failure to rest? And how do you attract the right speakers?

  • A lot of people might say no, but it doesn’t mean that you or your event are not worth it (people might be busy and wouldn’t have time to be a real partner, or there might be personal things going on, or they might say no because they don’t know you yet, etc.)

  • If they say no, maybe ask if you can interview them for your podcast, start building a relationship

  • How to actually reach out to them: Never over social media (connecting is ok though, but not
    , email them. Include personal connection to show that you genuinely care about them and their projects (“I followed your blog and this article resonated with me”, etc.).


As a host, you should welcome genuine feedback from the speakers you invite.


What Michelle has been going thru (with hosting her first summit)

  • Wanted to film in person with all entrepreneurs in one place (constantly changing dates)
    - Didn’t feel like it would work out. Melodrama. Thoughts of failure.
    - Reinvent yourself: Film in different segments when speakers have time, edit it together like a movie.

  • And that worked!
    - Be authentic to yourself
    - Go with the flow and don’t get stuck on what you think something has to look like or be done like


What are some good tips in terms of you staying healthy, sleeping, staying energized, etc. when
running the (virtual) summit? How do you keep it together?

  • Pre record
  • Automate absolutely everything (emails, promotions, social media)
  • Get some help / support / outsource (facebook ads manager, techy VA, customer service emails, other business owners or individual)

Wins that you, your guests or customers have experienced

  • All 3 should feel like they benefit
    - Attendees: Free training, discover new influencers, Freebies from guest speakers
    - Guest speakers: exposure, testimonials, connecting with other influencers (new business
    , grow their list (newsletter, FB group, etc.)
    - Host: Benefit the most. Grow email list, sometimes profit (all access pass, notes), new relationships with guest speakers, new clients for coaching and courses, and things like this where you get to be on a podcast. 

How do you make YOUR summit intriguing / shiny so people think they NEED this value

  • Going back to the planning phase: Who is your target audience? Don’t invite the “wrong” speakers
  • What is your content? People don’t want to buy an all access if most of the content is not what they need
  • Up the value of your all access pass (Free interviews, premium interviews that you can only get with the pass, downloadable audio)
  • What is a software you love / recommend to use if someone is just starting out?
    - Sales funnel technology
    - Clickfunnels (all in one solution: landing page, sales funnels, online courses, virtual summit)
    - If you use something else, you might have to piecemeal some software and technology together (lead pages, samcart, etc.)


DOWNLOAD Bailey’s virtual summit set (ebook which includes 12 step process for launching a virtual
summit from scratch in 90 days, 2 page planning worksheet, guest speaker checklist)