035 | ARTHUR ANDERSON | Bringing Your Voice Into Your Videos

This is one of my personal favorite people in the world, my father Arthur Anderson! We are smack dab in the middle of video month and learning how to use video to make your business more visible.

I thought it would be so fun to have my dad on because he has a huge history of directing and producing. How often do you get to talk to someone who’s been on a film set to make your video that much better?

In this episode we talk about getting comfortable in front of the camera, showing your passion through video, and failing as an entrepreneur.


Arthur’s Visibility Adventure

  • Getting into feature films and working with famous directors

  • Working on action and military films to stage realistic effects

  • Having scripts stolen and gaining more from the experience


Loving the Journey

  • You have to know who you are before you project yourself authentically on camera.

  • Pretend that the camera is your best friend and you’re going to tell them a story.

  • Go through your past and see what skills you learned. You never know what you’re going to use from your past as an entrepreneur.


Building Your Legacy

  • You can tell if someone is passionate on video. You have to put your heart into it.

  • When something doesn’t work out, learn from those experiences and look for the people you met who you could work with in the future.

  • Make sure that whatever you’re selling is or value and is ready to launch. Once it’s out in the marketplace, it’s too late to fix it.


Visibility Vixen Quotes

“Storytelling is storytelling whether you’re writing a book, TV series, or film.” - Arthur

“Mistakes are part of the learning process to get you to your ultimate goal.” -Arthur

“You have to spend time in your creative space to create.” -Michelle