Trena Little

062 | TRENA LITTLE | How To Explode Your Visibility With YouTube

TRENA LITTLE  is a video content strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs create a game plan for developing video content on YouTube. 


  • MBA in business

  • Started her YouTube channel while pregnant with her first child

  • She has both a Mommy channel + one for new female entrepreneurs


  • Summer cycle boot camp - One student upped subscribers from 20 to 200
  • Students saying that new clients found them on YouTube


  • YouTube is owned by Google, making it the 2nd most popular search engine in the world
  • When searching for help, if you have a video on YouTube that will answer that person's question, it is highly likely it will be featured in Google results

What would you say to someone who says “I can not start a YouTube channel because I already have too much going on (social media, etc.)?”

  • It’s going to save you time (YouTube is hub of content)
  • It will heighten your traffic because it will be flowing from social media, to your website, to your channel on repeat
  • You can create 1 video for all sites (Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, email, etc.), making your content creation process more simple

For a first time YouTube user, what are your tips so their videos are seen by customers?

  • Do your research in advance. Know what your audience wants to see.
  • Look up keywords on YouTube. YT will show you what is most popular right now or what people are searching for.
  • 1 – 2 paragraphs to describe your videos
  • Thumbnail (use your own) is really important. Start thinking about that before you even fil
  • Make the text stand out
  • Match your title and thumbnail and make it interesting so people wanna click it
  • You can batch videos by filming them all at once

How do you compete with other people who have tons of subscribers?

  • Focus on your content. Make sure once they click on your video, they wanna watch the whole thing and not just a few seconds
  • Important to have an outside social media and email strategy
  • When people watch your video first and then someone else’s, you are getting credit for that and YouTube is going to promote your video
  • Don’t worry about their subscriber numbers. They might not have followers on other social media sides

What practices do you recommend in order to actually batch up to 12 videos in one day (whaaat?!?!)

  • Have a plan. Script out the video (hook, content) in advance
  • Checklist
  • Refresh / take a walk / watch Netflix for a break and get back at it
  • Reward yourself when you get the 12 done
  • Start linking your YouTube video everywhere.
  • Do teaser clips.