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214 | EMILY HIRSH | The 5 Step FB Ad Process That Won't Make You Cry

When you sit down to think of your marketing strategy, does spending money to earn money ever scare you?

There can be so many misconceptions about spending to earn! For Emily Hirsh, It came down to 5 key factors. Through failures and triumphs, she came up with The Hirsh Process to make sure you are targeting the right people while spending your money to help you earn big!!

Emily Hirsh is a leading Facebook Ads Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist. She works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and generate revenue and leads using proven sales funnels and Facebook Ad strategies.




  • The wild west of Facebook Ads

  • The misconceptions of spending to earn - it’s a numbers game!

  • Hirsh Signature Process: The 5 Key factors in putting together your online marketing strategy

  • Passion for Mom Entrepreneur World