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034 | ANGIE LEE | Delivering Consistent Creative Content With Video

The last time I had Angie on the show, she told me she used to have a podcast and now she’s re-started it! She’s someone I’ve watched for a long time online and I basically just messaged her asking if she wanted to be friends. Spoiler: she said yes!

Angie is so gifted at bringing her message to her audience. She’s a business and life strategist for wellpreneurs and life coaches. Angie is also one of the lovely ladies behind the Wellpreneur Business Academy.

We’re focusing on your message this week. It’s so integral to produce content and being able to do it over and over again. I ask Angie how she puts out content EVERY DAY without getting burnt out and WOW does she give us amazing advice.

Angie’s Visibility Adventure

  • Feeling the call to re-start her podcast, Hungry for More

  • Using evergreen video to promote her academy

  • Spending time connecting with women who have a similar vision


Steps To Creating Consistent Content

  • Realize creativity is not an exhaustible resource. Collect your ideas wherever you get them. Get out of your space and let the creativity flow.

  • End the perfectionist struggle with your videos and just have a good time!

  • Your environment plays a huge role in your creativity. Make small or big changes, so you feel good.


Building Your Legacy

  • Continually speak to your audience. Ask them constantly what their problems are and turn that into content.

  • Lighting is key to creating quality videos. Angie films a video during a certain time of day when lighting is the best.

  • Don’t try too hard on video. You don’t have to look picture perfect. You’re a real person!


Visibility Vixen Quotes

“I don’t mind if I mess up for a second in my videos.” -Michelle
“If you’re 10% different than your competition, than you stand out in the online space.” -Angie
“If you do live videos enough, you’ll do live in your sleep.” -Angie
"I know I have a nice shirt on here, but I'm wearing sweatpants. Business on top, party on the bottom." -Michelle


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